Tuesday, May 20, 2008


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Dipesh Sheth said...


great efforts and very encouraging presentation which enables us to have some inspirations ...

May God Bless you and keep on informing me on my mail i.d. dipeshemail-infocity@yahoo.co.in when u make any new presentation.

Dipesh Sheth

hyacinth said...

Hi Assem,
Really wonderful job My friend,Today is Saturday our Holiday in Dubai,with family we were scanning our Mails.this story was so inspiring and very much related and relevant to ouyr life in this part of the world where my 6 year old son daily cleans our flat, My Daughter 12 years old Dish wash, wash the cloths, Iron it, wife cooks, and my part of the job is external affairs, well we both work too.Our day starts at 4 am & most of the days we return back exhausted,but our home choirs are so much at ease due to our team work...This presentation is very apt for the circumstance we are bound to live.....Keep on the good job my friend....we all are your silent fans, May god bless you for sharing your talents with all of us,as service dedicated to Bliss....Our families sinciere prayers for your well being and good health to serve Humanity selflessly
Thanks Again we are awaiting your next wonderful creation
Regards & Best Wishes,
Hyacinth Chelat & Fly

Askforhrd said...

Team work with bird - with good example.

very impressive presentation


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